Reflections on Life –  by a Kundalini Teacher and Professional Civil Engineer

Reflections on Life – by a Kundalini Teacher and Professional Civil Engineer

By Mike

My name is Mike, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Professional civil engineer and Project Manager leading development and construction of large-scale renewable energy projects. I’ve gone through a life-changing spiritual expansion in the midst of leading extremely challenging and complex engineering projects. Here are a few key lessons I’ve learnt.

Professional and spiritual growth happen simultaneously. As the human being expands consciousness, of course their life work will shifts along with the inner world and worldviews. The key is being patient as your outer, professional world shifts to align with your new and improved inner world.

We can think of things in vibration and frequency. Basically, as an individual expands in consciousness, their vibration and frequency increase. And, as the law of attraction states, likes attract. So as your vibration increases, you will begin to attract other high-vibration people, living a heart-centered life. Interestingly, as you become more aware of vibration and frequency you will notice that certain thoughts and actions carry with them certain vibrational characteristics. For example, you will notice that construction sites and conversations about money carry with them very low vibrations, while conversations focused on innovation, creativity, and problem-solving carry higher vibrational qualities. Mindfully overserving the vibration of thoughts, settings and actions will surely lead you to those which align with your frequency.

While on the topic of expansion of consciousness in the work place, it is important to touch on stress. Optimal conditions for healthy spiritual growth are low stress. That is not to say that all stress is bad. Some stress in moderate doses can usually lead to growth, however, heavy stress over long periods of time is detrimental to health and expansion. Ease and stress-free environments essentially promote creativity and healthy growth, from the heart. This can be kept in mind as aspiring spiritual engineers progress their careers.

One last point was given to me by a highly regarded spirituality and meditation teacher. At the end of his workshop I asked how to live in a situation where I felt like the vibration of the people and environment were very low. His response: “treat every relationship as sacred”. I tried it and it worked like a charm. From that day on every single person I deal with at work, I treat as sacred. Amazing.

To end, simply keep your vibration up, keep expanding and let your outer world follow suit.

Sat Nam,



Image source: “Meditation” by Sebastien Wiertz is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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