About Julia

I am a Quaker with a regular Buddhist mindfulness meditation practice. I hold a Ph.D. in engineering education from Purdue and a BS in chemical engineering from UC Berkeley. I had a spiritual break-through in my early 20’s while in undergrad. I came to realize that the engineering curriculum, by focusing almost exclusively on technical subjects, did not allow students to learn about larger social and environmental concerns that professional engineers need to address, as well as time and space to explore personal interests.

I worked as an energy consultant for two years, where I performed energy audits on commercial buildings and large industrial processes, like oil refineries and waste water facilities. During this time, I realized that my passion was connected to engineering education, and went back to get my Ph.D.

In graduate school, my research focused on engineering community engagement partnerships, examining three programs which have engineering students work for local non-profits and governmental organizations as a way to learn engineering. I essentially examined the types of relationships that formed between the communities and the engineering programs.

I am currently living in Lafayette with my partner, where I do yoga, work as a consultant, and drink tea on a regular basis.