About this Blog

Working as a professional engineer, studying engineering, teaching engineering, researching engineering education, or in other ways being emerged in engineering culture is often void of spiritual discussion. Linking engineering and spirituality can even be seen as taboo for some.

Yet engineering is a field that made up of people with a wide variety of spiritual experiences and religious beliefs. Some of us incorporate our spiritual lives into our work within engineering cultures. Many of us see our profession as a spiritual one, living out a personal calling or making choices that allow our gifts and abilities to align with our convictions.

This blog is about giving spirituality in engineering voice, creating space for the community of spiritually-minded people to connect, and allowing for people who are questioning how their own spirituality fits in the engineering culture a space to discern.


Many of these stories are personal, and can be hard to express so openly, both from the readers and the contributors. Moreover, because we are challenging existing paradigms, I encourage readers to be open and respectful towards the stories shared. The comments will be filtered, and the writers have the ability to keep themselves anonymous if desired.