If you see yourself as a Buddhist, Humanist, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheist, Pagan, Quaker, Spiritual but not religious, ect., and have a opinion or story to contribute to the spirituality in engineering discussion, I invite you to send a contribution to this blog. This blog is a place to share stories of individuals from various spiritual experiences who are dedicated and interested in being a part of the conversation of spirituality and engineering. Please submit your contributions below. If there is any edits or clarifications, I will correspond with you before publication.

I am looking to publish genuine and authentic stories of how you navigate your spiritual vocation in the engineering culture, personal transformations, or stories you think is worth hearing that are connected to engineering and spirituality.

Please keep responses under three pages.

Below I offer three prompts and some writing tips for contributions. Do not feel compelled to use the prompts or tips, if you do not need to.


  1. What would be possible if engineers embodied the wholeness of the human experience?
  1. Describe a personal experience you felt a deep connection in your engineering work, or a time when the connection was lacking and pushed forward a personal, organizational or system change.
  1. What would an engineering education look like if it supported the type of engineering you envision?

Feel free to use spiritual, religious, or secular language, which ever is the most authentic to your own experiences. Please, include a one paragraph bio. This can be anonymous, but give a general sense of your connection to or experience within engineering. Additionally, a photo would also be nice, but not required.

Noting hateful nor discriminatory towards people based on age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, national origin, or disability will be considered for this blog.



Here are three websites that provide some tips on how to write a catchy story. If you know of any other useful website, I will like to hear about it.


Many of these stories are personal, and can be hard to express so openly, both from the readers and the contributors. Moreover, because we are challenging existing paradigms, I encourage readers to be open and respectful towards the stories shared. The comments will be filtered, and the writers have the ability to keep themselves anonymous if desired.